Virtual SNB Missed Connection

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caoutchouc on the Virtual SNB forum - I can't seem to log in to the forum, which is why I haven't gotten back to you - I charted out the increases and I am working on the chart for the decreases.


I'm having some trouble with the stitch legend; the gray squares are the 'no stitch' but the legend shows a blank square. I'm also not understanding why the legend has two listings for knit.


Blueberry Lemonade, or How I Plan To Survive the Summer

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blueberry lemonade
Blueberry Lemonade

5 cups water

3/4 cup turbinado sugar

1/2 cup light agave nectar

2 1/2 cups lemon/lime/calamansi juice (I'm working with a heap of assorted citrus)

what was supposed to be 1/2 pint fresh blueberries, but I ate some
(bought them at the co-op - expensive! But sweet and flavorful)

Half the water in a small pot with the sugar and blueberries, brought
to boil and then simmered until the blueberries started to pop. Mashed
the blueberries and then added the zest from one lemon to the mix and
let it cool, then strained out the blueberries. Mixed all together and served over ice, garnished with a few more blueberries. It's a really pretty bright pinky-purple, and I can taste
blueberry, but not as strongly as I'd like to. Next time I think I'll use frozen blueberries and blend them up with the immersible blender and leave them in the lemonade.  I might also use about 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup agave nectar and leave out the sugar (agave nectar is sweeter than cane sugar). I was a little concerned about the taste of the agave, but the light version is very mild.

Yes, yes, I could try making mango lemonade... :P

I used this metric conversion table to figure out the metric version of the recipe, but I did guess a bit at the weights:

1.25 liters water

170 grams turbinado sugar (I don't know if this goes by another
name overseas - I also see it called raw sugar, although it's been
processed and isn't truly raw).

125 ml light agave nectar

560 ml lemon or other tart/sour citrus juice

224 ml blueberries

WWKIP 2007: Aloha Knitters Honolulu

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We went, we knit (I crocheted), and then we had dinner.  The Aloha Tower location was a good one - plenty of seating, a coffeeshop for beverages, and validated parking.  We adjourned to Gordon Biersch afterwards for dinner, which worked out well.  Even our youngest Aloha Knitter had a good time! 

(Wondering how to join?  It's easy - just sign up with the Aloha Knitters Yahoo! group.  Free, no dues, attendance requirements, etc. and the announcements and whatnot get sent to your email address! More info in this blog post).

Fingerless Mitts: Twisted Yarns

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I finally got around to buying a hand model.  After searching online and at an art supply store, I found them at a big-chain bookstore (the one in Ala Moana, for those who are wondering).  I have been wanting one (or ten) of these for many years.

The fingerless mitt is the pattern I've been working on for Twisted handdyed yarns.  This pattern has gone through a few iterations; this one is the easiest as well as most comfortable version that also takes advantage of the gorgeous colorway (this is DK weight superwash, colorway Exile). Done in 1x1 ribbing, this can be worked flat in one piece and then seamed up the side, or worked in the round in one piece.  I'm working out a variation in a seed-pearl rib that might have some lace worked into it. I still need to format the pattern and submit it for approval; I will of course let you know if it will be offered in the Twisted shop.  This is a quick and fairly simple pattern with great gift-knitting potential!  Size shown is S/M (very stretchy) on a 7" (measured around the palm) model.


KSKS Completed!

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The Knit Sock Kit Swap kit I put together has reached its destination: Meg (Knit and Sip) in Michigan. She likes! Now to see what I get! My pal has already (inadvertently?) revealed her identity, but I conveniently forget it every time she emails me. I prefer to be completely surprised - well, in a good way.