The yarn club in my stash

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So back in January, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee blogged about her self-imposed sock club, bundling together yarn from her stash with patterns and setting up 12 grab-and-go bags. I thought it was a nifty idea, and then I forgot about it. After my frog-or-finish decisions, though, I started thinking about it again, because it was time for me to look at my stash and start thinking about what to keep and what to donate/gift/sell. I have a bin for yarnstorming supplies (mostly odds and ends of various yarns, vintage acrylic) and I set up a box of yarns for Mom (kitchen cotton, she likes making dishcloths), and then I stalled.

Malabrigo Sock, Solis
Well. Would you want to give this up?

At that point, I went through my Ravelry stash (that helped me figure out how long some yarns had been in my stash) and my favorites, and did some pattern suggestion searches. With that, I started a Ravelry queue and have been bagging yarns together with notecards that have the pattern name and hook/needle size written on them. No printed patterns, because 1) I don't own a printer, and 2) I have been using my Kindle for patterns and really liking it.

Creating my own "yarn club" from my stash
This is the first bag, which I now have in my portable project bag. I've started the Wham Bam Thank You Lamb cowl by Susan Chang, and it's at just the right speed for winding down from the holidays - garter stitch and quick progress, resulting in a cowl that is very gift-able (that is to say, Muggles will like it). I'm over halfway through after one car ride, and if I knit during the drive back home tonight (I'm not going to be the one driving!), I'll be done and ready to cast on for the Cabled Button Toque by Amy Swenson, which I think could coordinate well with the cowl without being too matchy-matchy.

For yarns that I don't have a project in mind for, it's time for my trade/sell list on Ravelry. I don't need any more yarn right now, so it's all sell (unless you have some marvelous handspun yarn to trade). Because I need to move these yarns out of my stash, I'm asking for 10 - 20% below average retail price for untouched skeins that have been sealed in plastic bags away from light and odors, in a pet-free home. As I continue to sort through my stash, more yarns are likely to be added.

Frog or Finish 2011

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Around October I started thinking that I should frog or finish my WIPs by the end of the year. This week, it got obvious that I wasn't going to finish everything, so I buckled down and made decisions (and live-tweeted it with the hashtag #frogorfinish).

It quickly became obvious that I like making hats, but I don't like weaving in ends.
Hats in the 'to finish' pile

I remembered the dishcloth kick I got onto last year.
Washcloths in the 'to finish' pile

I even had a few projects that had been finished and just needed a wash! A few more hats were finished and washed, then dried in the oven (with a timer so I wouldn't forget - 170F, checked every 10 minutes). I bagged up several finished hats and mailed them off to a dear friend of mine in the Pacific Northwest, to be used/shared/gifted as she chooses.
Bag of Hats

Now I have two big bags of WIPs that can be finished quickly; my plan is to keep one next to the couch so I can grab projects to work on during my commute or while relaxing at home. I grabbed two dishcloths on my way to the post office yesterday; they just needed the edgings finished and ends woven in. Done!

Last night, I couldn't fall asleep, so I finished a set of crochet potholders and coordinating dishcloth. Done!
Potholders and dishcloth set

I've also gotten started on destashing. More on that later.


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Karabella Aurora 8

As I put my yarn stash into storage (again), I am reminded that I have plenty of yarn to work with and don't need to acquire much more. Mom, on the other hand, has been knitting and crocheting much of what I've destashed at high speed. Last week I handed her a bag of oddballs of Karabella Aurora 8 that had been sitting in a box since 2007 (because it had turned into two complete balls and a small heap of small balls of only a couple of yards each) and this week she showed me the hat she knit up from the full balls and then topped with a dense, squooshy, carefully hand-snipped pom-pon made out of the small balls.


Well, that kind of productivity ought to be encouraged, especially when it means I can help support YarnStory, a brand-new yarn shop that opened just a few weeks ago in Honolulu. The shop hasn't had a Grand Opening yet (the owner is waiting on several boxes of yarn), so I'm holding off on a full review, but here's what I picked up today for Mom:

Brown Sheep Co. Kaleidescope, 80% cotton, 20% wool. Pink/red dominant is color KAL-20 ANAHEIM, Paintlot 0310, and Blue/purple dominant is KAL-10 BELIZE, Paintlot 179.

Sari Yarn
Yarn spun from recycled silk sari fabric

Knit: Oddball Project: Drink Can Cozy

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One more way to use up oddballs of yarn, and not lose coasters outside when the wind blows.

Drink Can Cozy

20 - 30 yards (18 - 27 m) Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi)

US 7 - 4.5 mm

Cozy in photo knit with Cascade 220, color "Citron"

Pattern is available as a free PDF download through Ravelry: download now

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