Fresh Designs Crochet: using Flickr's Guest Pass feature

Posted on by MK Carroll

The Fresh Designs Crochet call for submissions recommends using Flickr's Guest Pass feature to submit photos of sketches and swatches. While Flickr does provide a guide to using Guest Pass, it can be confusing because it isn't really clear on the step you need to take in order to get the Guest Pass URL so that the photo(s) can be shared privately.

I'll be using one of the photos in my Flickr photostream as an example. It's been set to Private ("only you can see this photo"), which is the first step.



Next, click on the "Share This" button - which is does not actually say 'share this' on it! It's the button with the envelope icon, Facebook icon, and Twitter icon, and it's to the right of the 'Actions' button but may not look like a separate button at first glance. You also have to click on the little gray triangle - clicking on the icons pops up windows for sharing the photos via email, Facebook, and Twitter. That's not what you want to do right now. What you want is the menu you can see in the screenshot below, so that you can now click on the blue button that says 'ADD A GUEST PASS.'

Now you should have a new link that starts with "" like the one in the screenshot below.

So that you can see the difference, here's the URL for the private version of this photo:

...and here's the URL for the Guest Pass version of this photo:

Hope that helps!