Where to find me

Posted on by MK Carroll

Last year I blogged a lot less and started tweeting on Twitter (mk_carroll) and tumblring on Tumblr (mkcarroll). This month, I've also been pinning on Pinterest (mk_carroll). I'm still active on Ravelry (mkcarroll), although I have scaled back on the amount of forum posting I do and I've disabled Ravelry messaging.

Twitter: mostly little glimpses into my day, including, yes, what I have for breakfast sometimes.
Tumblr: still working this out. When I have more to say than the 140 character limit on Twitter, or want to share a photo. Had been using it to bookmark pages and sites as well, but I haven't done that since I got started on Pinterest.
Pinterest: 13 boards, currently, including But What Do You Knit or Crochet in Hawai'i (short answer: whatever you want to), Handmade Accessories, Vintage Costume Jewelry, and Books I've Been Reading.
Ravelry: knit/crochet projects, mostly.

Email (mail[*at*]mkcarroll[*dot*]com) is still the best way to contact me directly online.