A simple crocheted beanie for a Pullip doll, using a sportweight yarn. This was a really quick project, one that's going to be easy to fancy up with appliques, ear flaps, pompons, all that sort of thing.

Peace Fleece "DK" sportweight, colorway olive roots
crochet hook C/2-2.75mm

Make a slip knot loop and sc 6 sts into the loop; tighten loop.


1) 2 hdc into each st (12)

2) *1 hdc, inc 1* (18)

3) *2 hdc, inc 1* (24)

4) *3 hdc, inc 1* (30)

5) *4 hdc, inc 1* (36)

6) *5 hdc, inc 1* (42)

Stop increasing. Start checking the fit after row 10 to get the length you want.

7 - 13) hdc ea st

Cut yarn. Weave in all ends. 

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Images and text © M.K. Carroll 2006