Basic Top-Down Ribbed Beanie Recipe

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I said I wouldn't be writing up patterns for my latest batch of FO's, but I did post a photo of the

pinks/purples top-down ribbed beanie over at

(the beanie shown at the top), and you know you can't just post a photo and not tell people how they can make it too - unless you love post after post of "tute!  tute!".  So I typed up the basics of the top-down ribbed beanie and I'm reposting it here. [the Top-Down Ribbed Beanie Recipe is also available through Ravelry as a

free PDF download

. As of June 2009, the PDF is topdownbeanie_v2.pdf - I've changed the layout and rephrased some of the directions.]

Top-down ribbed beanie recipe:

The idea here is to knit a square by using double increases and staggering the placement every other round.  When the square is big enough, you just knit around and wind up with a circular hat!

Use any yarn you like with appropriate sized needles.  I prefer using a set of 5 dpns, although you could modify this pattern with stitch markers if you prefer one circ or two circs (in round 1, *k2, pm* should do it).

With dpns, CO 8 sts (2 sts on each dpn)

round 1) knit into the back of each st

round 2) work 1 double increase at the beginning of each dpn (I used m1, k1, m1), k to end of needle, repeat on each dpn.

round 3) *k1, p1*

round 4) *k1, p1* to last st on needle and work 1 double increase.  Repeat on each dpn.

round 5) *k1, p1*

Repeat rounds 2 - 5 until the top will fit the size you want.

A rough way to figure this out is to measure across the center from side to side (not diagonally) and multiply that by 4 to get the perimeter (which will then become the circumference of the finished beanie.  For a ribbed beanie, if you want a snug fit, go for something about an inch less than the circumference of the head.  If you want a more exact fit, slip all stitches to a long piece of scrap yarn, placing markers to separate the stitches from each needle, and try it on.  To be really sure, wash and dry it before trying it on, just in case the yarn will shrink or expand a lot.


Once it is big enough to fit around, work *k1, p1* around until it's the length you want, and bind off.  I try to bind off a little loosely; you could use a bind-off specifically for ribbings, like tubular bind-off.

This results in a hat with a distinct curve at the top; if you'd like it flatter, work the double increases on each round.  The placement of the increases right next to each other, depending on the yarn used, may be visible as a little line, or it may be visible as a wavy indentation.  If you prefer to have the increases come out the sides of a central line of stitches, at round 1 (and the following odd numbered rounds), k1 and then work the double increase.

(edited July 2007 to correct error in how to take measurement)

(edited November 2007 to give variation in shaping the crown and working the increases)

The crochet rosette decorations pattern is


, available for sale as a $1 PDF download.

This pattern may be used to make and sell finished hats; please let me know if you do - I'm curious!

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