Knit: Digital Age Cozy

Posted on by MK Carroll

Here's the knit version of the Digital Age Cozy (suitable for iPods and some PDAs and mp3 players). Take a look at the crocheted version of the pattern over at CrochetMe magazine before knitting.

iPod cozies

Measurements: .62” x 2.4” x 4.1”

US4/3.5mm dpns

CO 16

Rows 1-3) k all

Row 4) Pick up 2 sts on short side, 16 on long side, 2 on remaining short side.

Row 5) k in seed st until work measures 4.1”

Add button and i-cord loop


CO 15 sts

Knit in garter until work measures 4”

Sew sides together

Add button and i-cord loop

Pattern by MK Carroll, Creative Commons License, some rights reserved.