Stitch 'N Bitch Nation: Headhuggers

Posted on by MK Carroll

(looking for Head Huggers, the charitable organization?

Pattern: Headhuggers, published in Stitch N' Bitch Nation, ed. Debbie Stoller. You can buy the book online through the Bust Boobtique.

Head Hugger

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (55% merino wool, 33% microfibre, 12% cashmere; 50g/98yds)[CYCA standards #4 Medium]
Neckwarmer: 1 skein #101 Ivory
Earwarmer: 1 skein #300 Black
Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky (100% merino wool; 50g/55yds)[CYCA standards #5 Bulky]
Flowers: 1 skein 700 Red
Debbie Bliss Merino DK (100% merino wool; 50g/102yds) [CYCA standards #3 Light]
Leaves: 1 skein 501 Lime
Leaves: DMC embroidery floss, turquoise 3845, 1 skein
US 8 (5mm) straight needles (optional)
2 US 8 (5mm) double-pointed needles
Leaves (optional): beads, bead needle, thread to match flower
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

m1 is a make one increase. has instructions on a few different ways to do a m1; the version on the site called "M1R" or "Make One Right" is the one that I used.

The written instructions can get a little confusing - the idea is to slip the first stitch at the beginning of each row to give you a nice smooth edge, slipping the stitch knitwise or purlwise as appropriate. If this makes you batty, go ahead and just knit the first stitch. You can go back and neaten up the edge with a row of single crochet.

The flowers - I almost went nuts figuring out the pattern for the flowers! They were originally crocheted, very quick and easy, but Deb asked me to come up with a knitted pattern, so I did. It made my brain hurt lots but I bet I put in a few more wrinkles that way. There are threads on the pattern over at SNBN Virtual SNB forum and at (Head Huggers Help, HeadHugger SNBN). Yes, you really drop all those stitches off the needle. Try it with scrap yarn if it scares you - the first slipped stitch is there to catch the ones you drop. It's based on a scalloped edging pattern from one of the Barbara Walker Treasuries.

For yarn substitutions, I recommend reading the Knitty Field Guide to Yarn Substitution. For the band, a smooth yarn that feels comfortable against bare skin is preferred.

KB had a happy accident when she misread the pattern, and I really like the results! Photos are posted on her blog. I've sketched out a pattern for a cherry blossom version of the headhugger - light blue band, white blossoms with pink embroidery. Still haven't gotten around to making one, but I may just have to, using her modified pattern! Jillz has done some modifications as well, like doing one in stockinette stitch with multi-colored flowers, and one done in ribbing with little white flowers. Tabby has made two neckwarmers and an earwarmer - one of the neckwarmers is plain and used to wear under things. Redgreen used gray and blue and crocheted a flower instead of knitting one.