T-shirt Sleeve Hat (Pullip)

Posted on by MK Carroll


This hat was inspired by a reader-produced issue of Sassy magazine from back in the day - it's really just a rectangle of cotton jersey stitched up the sides. The points poke up a bit and look a bit like ears - to get the "ears" up higher, use the thinnest jersey you can find (like an undershirt) and make the rectangle narrower. I did this as fitting prep work for a knitted hat, but Knitty magazine beat me to it and the Birkin's Hat pattern is based on the same principle, and for sizing, I think this would fit a Pullip as well if you add 4 sts to the cast on and make it a little longer (checking for fit as you go), then replace "slip 1st 23 sts" with "slip 1st 25 sts".

How to make:

I laid out an old t-shirt sleeve, with the hemmed edge at the bottom, marked out 4.5" wide x 6.5" high, gave it a 0.5" seam allowance, and stitched it up. A little carelessly, as you can see from the side, but I just wanted a fabric blank to play with at the time. This is another fun one for fancying up - buttons, embroidery, fabric paint, etc.