That Hat

Posted on by MK Carroll

One of my nearest and dearest is home for the holidays, and we put in some serious eat-pizza-and-watch-Poirot-DVD time last week. While we were sprawled on the couch and I was hemming the Top-Down Ribbed Beanie I knit up for my BIL, she said "do you remember that hat you made me?" and I did, yes, because that was the year that I crocheted a beret with a spiral pattern of eyelets for myself, but had to crochet 8 or 9 of them before I got one for myself because people would spot them in progress and want one. It was one of the things that got me started on pattern writing, although I never did get around to writing a pattern down for the caps and berets I made with that pattern. I had it memorized. Or at least I had it memorized several years ago. It was based on an afghan motif, or maybe a doily. "Could you make me another one? I wear it all the time." She didn't bring it with her. I can't find mine, and even though I wore it frequently for a couple of years, I can't remember exactly what it looked like. The spiraling eyelets are much like the ones in the Interweave Crochet Lace Cap by Kim Werker, but the center used a different motif and I think the base number was different. I did a few variations on it, with different shaping and yarns, yet I don't have photos of any of them. It's bugging me now.

I should be weaving in ends, washing and blocking, and instead I am sketching and swatching.