Attn Toronto Residents

Posted on by MK Carroll

I know a few of my readers are in/from the Toronto area - other Canada residents may be able to help me out with this too.

The CYCA Co-op held their First Annual Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair this past Saturday (Feb 10, 2007) at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.  I have gotten an email from a woman who heard about the fair and a certain item in the (online) gallery on CBC Radio, and headed over hoping to get a Womb, only to be told that I would not be there*.  Lucky me, I got to add to her disappointment and tell her that they are not for sale, a policy I have had in place since the publication of the pattern in the Winter 2005 issue of Knitty.  The FAQ still recommends finding a local knitter and engaging in a swap/barter/gifting - any recommendations for knit shops, meetings, etc. where a non-knitter may be able to find a knitter willing to make a Womb? 

Also, I have not been able to find any mention of the Womb in a CBC broadcast - did you hear it?  Do you remember when?

p.s. I'm thinking about having some postcards printed up and made available for sale, so that at least there would be something (and a something light and inexpensive) that could be shared and sold.  I don't want to bother if there isn't interest, though, so do let me know if you think you'd pay $1 - $3 for a postcard with an image like the one here:



*I didn't even know there would be a fair - I would have loved to attend, but even if I'd known, it's a long and expensive flight, something I just can't do right now.