Aloha Knitters 7/03/07

Posted on by MK Carroll

In her rush to get to the meeting, Vron forgot to grab dpns.  She tried using crochet hooks instead; fortunately someone else at the meeting had dpns in the right size so she could finish the hat:


Lovely.  Big points for getting some holiday gift knitting done!


Ms. Akamai Knitter wore one of her gorgeous shawls.  The air conditioning in Ward Center is quite aggressive, so it's not like she was showing off or anything. [update: that's a Shaped Triangle Shawl, link to Akamai Knitter's blog]


Knittybird continued her progress on the Balthazar Vest from Twinkle's Big City Knits.


Overall, pretty big turnout for our group.  Jen, Puanani, Wendi, Joy, Yarn Over Pull Through, Keohinani (with Mae) and Acornbud were all there too - did I miss anyone?  As usual, it seemed like it was over so quickly! 

Tentative "pic-knit" meeting set for Wa'ahila Ridge State Recreational Area on Saturday, July 14th.  Check the Aloha Knitters Yahoo! group for more information - due to the brushfires last week, we may have to relocate or reschedule.