Basic Top-Down Ribbed Beanie: 2x2 Issues

Posted on by MK Carroll


The Basic Top-Down Ribbed Beanie Recipe, when used with 1x1 ribbing, makes a top that lies flat.  Stockinette will also lie flat.  2x2 ribbing creates a lovely 4-sided point.  I need to adjust the rate of increasing, clearly.  I was in a little bit of denial. 

See, if you pull it down snug, it will lie flat.  The hem is a bit ruffly as well in the photo, although it smooths out when it's on a real human head.  I did a single crochet bind-off, which keeps it nice and stretchy.  I'm thinking about redoing the top (which means picking out the cast-on) and crocheting a band and brim.  I might have just barely enough yarn left - this colorway was one of the one-time only offerings that Schaefer Yarn Co. has done, so this is it.  I might have something in the stash that could work, but I'm going to see if I have enough first. 

Even if I have to sacrifice the new project I cast on yesterday:

...a pouch for my sunglasses.