Hawai'i Stitchers in the Yarn Market News

Posted on by MK Carroll

The January 2008 issue of Yarn Market News includes a half-page on stitching in Hawai’i! The content has been edited; what got cut is nothing I haven’t written about before on this blog - if you think an important point was missed, please add it in the comments to this post.

This blog has been a little thin on new knitting, crocheting, and Hawai’i-focused content; you can get more of that over at The Akamai Knitter (she started the Honolulu SNB, which has since become Aloha Knitters), Acornbud’s Yarns, and other members of the Hawaii Knitters and Crocheters Web Ring.

Quick list of links for those visiting because of the article:
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