Etsy: Upcycling and Re-imagining yarn with M.K. Lawrie

Posted on by MK Carroll

Go into the average thrift store and what are you almost guaranteed to find? Lots and lots of t-shirts. What to do with all those t-shirts? In Chicago, 31-year old Mary K. Lawrie turns t-shirts into yarn, and has been selling on Etsy as mklawrie since January 2008. She cuts shirts with a single, continuous cut, with carefully handsewn joins, for a smooth, even yarn. Weights range from worsted to bulky to super bulky, with worsted weight being cut from the lighter, thinner t-shirts.


worsted weight t-shirt yarn

What got you started on upcycling/recycling yarn and/or yarn materials?

I started using recycled materials when I was in college in part because I was a poor art student, and recycled materials were free. However, the more I work with recycled materials the more aware I am about what else I can do to create more sustainable practices in my life and daily routines.


left to right: Super-Bulky Red, Super-Bulky Yellow-Orange, and Super-Bulky Black

What are your favorite parts of recycling/upcycling?

It's like a puzzle. I love the challenge of finding new ways to reuse things.


worsted weight t-shirt yarn

What are the most challenging things about recycling/upcycling?

Limitations. By that I mean both setting limits on how much stuff I can save to use later, and feeling limitations on what I can accomplish.

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Mary is planning to increase inventory and provide a wider selection in her Etsy shop (M.K. Lawrie), where you can also find cozy handknit hats and scarves.

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