How Not to Crochet a Flat Circle

Posted on by MK Carroll

Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton (pickle, shell, shrimp, sky) Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton (pickle, shell, shrimp, sky)

How to turn 'beginning of baby beanie' into 'oh I was just swatching for fun' - forget the really simple, basic guidelines for crocheting a flat circle, and start with 8 sts when working in single crochet, and wind up with a circle that begins to ruffle. I think single crochet at this particular gauge was going to wind up too firm anyway, so score 1 for color study.

This will vary based on gauge, yarn, desired results, etc., but for a basic flat circle I use the following guidelines:

single crochet: begin with 6 stitches, increase 6 stitches each round.
half-double crochet: begin with 8 stitches, increase 8 stitches each round.
double crochet: begin with 10 - 12 stitches, increase 10 - 12 stitches each round.
triple crochet: begin with 12 - 14 stitches, increase 12 - 14 stitches each round.

For those using UK terminology:
US single crochet = UK double crochet
US half-double crochet = UK half-treble crochet
US double crochet = UK treble crochet
US triple crochet = UK double-treble crochet