Fresh Designs Crochet: Designs for Me

Posted on by MK Carroll

Orange Blossom Special Postcard scan from modashell on FlickrOne of the things I've noticed about knit/crochet items intended for wear by men is the use of sturdy, "manly" yarns. Practical! Washable! Graaaar! In my experience, though, there are a lot of men who really like the feel of soft fibers - cashmere, silk, alpaca - especially in items worn next to the skin. One of my besties likes wearing fabrics that invite touching. What can you do with a soft, comfortable feeling yarn in a design for a man?

People come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. How would you design a sweater for a barrel-chested man? A surfer with broad shoulders and a narrow waist? A big bear of a man with a belly?

The color story for Fresh Designs Crochet: Designs for Men is "Vintage Postcard" - olive green, forest green, chocolate brown, burnt orange, bright reds, turquoise blues, slate gray, black, and cream.

Fresh Designs Crochet call for submissions information (including inspiration boards) and online submission form are available at Cooperative Press