Suh-Wif-Fur Loopy Dust Mop Cloth (Free Crochet Recipe)

Posted on by MK Carroll


Over the weekend, I crocheted a basic reusable cloth to use with a certain trademarked floor sweeper meant to be used with name-brand disposable cloths. I improvised, but there are free crochet patterns for that (Tonya Hume's Swiffer Cover, Tiff Crochets Swiffer Cardi, and Gherkin's Bucket Crochet Biffer Shrug, for starters). I used the basic cloth, and it worked fine, but I found myself wanting a loopy, dust mop type of cloth to do things like clean the ceiling fan blades, so after a couple of pointlessly difficult tries at making one out of loop st squares, I finished this one - made flat in one piece, with pockets at the side to slip over the head of the sweeper.

UPDATE 3 July 2008: Turns out I have an older, smaller model, and many people have the newer, larger model. Larger size is now included in the recipe.

Yarn: 1 ball Lily Sugar n' Cream kitchen cotton (70.9g/120 yds 100% cotton) [AUS/NZ: 10-ply cotton]

Yarn Substitutes: Pisgah Peaches & Creme kitchen cotton, Lion Brand Lion Cotton, Kitchen Cotton, Cotton-Ease, Nature's Choice Organic Cotton, Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton, Dyed Cotton, Pakucho Organic Cotton, or any other worsted weight cotton or cotton-blend yarn of your choice. You could also use wool - it attract dust nicely!

Crochet hook: I/9/5.5mm or size to get gauge

Knitting needle: US13/9mm/UK00 dpn [OPTIONAL] - to make loops over (can use finger, pen, dowel, etc.)

Crochet Me loop stitch tutorial by Chloe Nightingale

Measurements: SMALLER (older models) 3"/7.5cm wide, 9.5"/19cm long, LARGER (newer models) 4.5"/11.5cm wide, 10"/25.5cm long. Will fit on a Swiffer (tm) sweeper - but the sizes can vary, so check the measurements of the sweeper you are using and adjust pattern as needed to fit.

Gauge/Tension: in sc, 16 sts/16 rows = 4"/10cm. In loop stitch, 16 sts/10 rows = 4"/10cm

The hook size will seem large for the yarn, but the loop stitch can get very tight, making it harder to crochet and resulting in a firmer fabric than necessary. Crocheted flat in one piece, with single crochet flaps sewn down along the sides so that the dust mop can be slipped on and off the sweeper head.

This pattern may be used by individuals to make and sell finished items (for example, at craft fairs, on Etsy, as charity fundraiser items). Please give credit where credit is due.



ch = chain

sc = single crochet [AUS/NZ/UK: replace with dc = double crochet]

st = stitch

lp st = loop stitch

Instructions for sizes given as SMALLER(LARGER)

To make evenly sized loops, I worked the loops over a double-pointed knitting needle. I work the entire row and then slide the knitting needle out of the loops.

Begin with first flap:

ch 13 (20)

1) sc 12 (19)

2) ch 1, sc 12 (19)

repeat row 2 until piece measures 2"/5cm long (7 rows)

[for LARGER size, you may want to make the flaps a little longer]

turning row:

sc 12 (19) in front loops only

looped surface:

1) lp st 12 (19)

2) sc 12 (19)

repeat rows 1 and 2 until loop st section measures 9.5"/19cm(10"/25.5cm) long.

turning row:

sc 12 (19) in front loops only

second flap:

1) ch 1, sc 12 (19)

repeat until second flap measures 2"/5cm long. Fasten off.

[for LARGER size, you may want to make the flaps a little longer]

Assemble: Fold flaps to back (smooth side) and sew the sides down, leaving top of flap open. Weave in all ends. I don't think this needs blocking, but if that would make you happy, wash with mild soap and wet-block to size.