Fresh off the hook

Posted on by MK Carroll

Stash-busting, gift-making, and pattern testing all at once!

Link to Ravelry project page:  Granny Brick Scarf

Link to Ravelry project page: Granny Brick Scarf

For a small collection I'm working on (easy, wearable, retro-modern accessories), this was a good pattern test that used up yarn I'd had sitting in my stash for a few years. I don't think this yarn is in production anymore, so after taking measurements and photos, I'm sending this on to a friend as a gift. Another sample in a readily available yarn will be made and used for the final pattern. 

This stitch pattern is a variation on the classic granny square. Sometimes called "Brick Granny" or "Candy Box Granny," I've seen it used for square motifs worked in the round as well as worked flat as an overall fabric. In this case, it's worked in one piece as a rectangle in the round.