Heather Knits: Knit Pullip/Blythe Beanie Wig Mod

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August 2007: Heather of Heather Knits modified the knit Pullip/Blythe Beanie pattern to make a doll wig!  She used the Locked Loop Rerooting Tutorial from Puchi Collective, but using the hat instead of a rubber scalp.  You could also use the Simple Crochet Beanie
doll hat pattern too, and even use a lighter weight yarn (like
fingering) by using the same rate of increasing but working until the
circle is large enough for the doll's head, then working even to the
length you want.  Isn't this a great modification?  Imagine the
yarn/felt dreadlock possibilities!

Photos by Heather Wolff.


Wig as modeled by Heather's Pullip doll


inside of the wig

Commuter Project progress report

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The commuter project is almost done:


This is the unglamorous pre-blocking shot.  I think I want to do more with the brim.  I added a lining of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in 1x1 ribbing to be nice and comfy against the ears, since this beanie is made to be worn low over the eyebrows and ears, what Mr. Bob likes to call "sensitive thug".  I prefer to call it cloche.  Semantics.


You can see the distinctive "X" shape of the double increases done on alternate rounds.  I used yf, k1, yf for the increases (yf = yarn forward - like a yarn over, done in the reverse direction.  If that makes no sense to you, you can just do a yo and on the following row remember to knit it through the back loop so that it twists and does not leave a hole).  As you can see, I still need to thread the tail through the cast-on and tighten it, as well as give this a good washing and blocking.


This is the with the hem/lining turned up.  I used odd scraps in sky blue, lemonade yellow, and honeydew green. 

Pattern: my own Top-Down Ribbed Beanie
Modifications: Done in stockinette, hem added.  Increases worked as yf, k1, yf (yf = yarn forward, like a yarn over in the reverse direction).
Yarns: Ella Rae Classic in Turquoise Green, 1 skein (with some left over) and Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Sky Blue, Lemonade Yellow, and Honeydew Green, probably about 20 - 30 yards total but don't take my word for it.
Needles: 16"  Addi Turbo Circular size US 6 - link is to Knitter's Review needle review

Current Commute Project

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No, it's not Goddess.  Goddess is sitting neatly packed in a basket in my room, waiting for me to get my act together and do the big cleaning and sorting job that I so sorely need to do.  So, given that I really need to get my living quarters squared away, what do you think I do?  Why, I go to Isle Knits on my way home from work, and while neatly avoiding the basket of sock yarn near the door (Opal, I starting turning around in the shop and said out loud "now, Opal told me to look out for the basket of sock...there it is!"), I stumbled into an assortment of Ella Rae Classic worsted wool.  It's good quality, I think comparable in quality and price point to Cascade 220 and Elann Peruvian Highland Wool  It comes in 62 colors. !  I cast on for a beanie at the bus stop.  I'm using the Top-Down Ribbed Beanie Recipe, but in stockinette instead of ribbing.  I'm thinking I'll do a knit hem, with a cotton yarn on the inside of the hem.  It's the perfect project for me to take to the next Aloha Knitters meeting.  At the last meeting, I got exactly half a round done on a crochet beanie.  I don't crochet without looking, but I can knit stockinette in the round by touch (and most of the time, do a decent job of it). 

crochet hat, rough draft

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crochet cap

Yarn: allhemp3, color "foggy". Allhemp3 is a fingering weight (1 superfine) 100% hemp yarn. I will either start using a thimble or have a gnarly callus on my left index finger.

Hook: US D

This pattern plays around with the (US term) double crochet stitch, starting from the top with plain dc, then a dc cluster pattern, with the final band using a dctog pattern. I've ripped this back because I want to do something different with the shaping in the final version, but I still have all my notes for this cap.