Current Commute Project

Posted on by MK Carroll


No, it's not Goddess.  Goddess is sitting neatly packed in a basket in my room, waiting for me to get my act together and do the big cleaning and sorting job that I so sorely need to do.  So, given that I really need to get my living quarters squared away, what do you think I do?  Why, I go to Isle Knits on my way home from work, and while neatly avoiding the basket of sock yarn near the door (Opal, I starting turning around in the shop and said out loud "now, Opal told me to look out for the basket of sock...there it is!"), I stumbled into an assortment of Ella Rae Classic worsted wool.  It's good quality, I think comparable in quality and price point to Cascade 220 and Elann Peruvian Highland Wool  It comes in 62 colors. !  I cast on for a beanie at the bus stop.  I'm using the Top-Down Ribbed Beanie Recipe, but in stockinette instead of ribbing.  I'm thinking I'll do a knit hem, with a cotton yarn on the inside of the hem.  It's the perfect project for me to take to the next Aloha Knitters meeting.  At the last meeting, I got exactly half a round done on a crochet beanie.  I don't crochet without looking, but I can knit stockinette in the round by touch (and most of the time, do a decent job of it).