Knit: Sushi Toilet Paper Roll Cozy

Posted on by MK Carroll

Maki Sushi Toilet Paper Cozy, pure knit version

knit sushi tp roll cozy

original crochet and crochet + knit versions available for free in the first issue of CrochetMe magazine.


US #4/3.5mm double pointed needles

worsted weight yarn, white and black (this pattern doesn't use much; you could get several cozies from a single skein of each color)

scrap yarns in assorted colors, as desired for filling

blunt yarn needle

stitch marker (or coilless safety pin)

abbreviations used
CO = cast on
BO = bind off
k = knit
p = purl
yf = yarn forward - like a yarn over, but done from the back to the front.  Use a different increase if you prefer, like m1 (make one) or knit 1 into the row below.  You could also do a yo (yarn over) and knit into the yarn over through the back loop on the following round (twists the stitch so there is no hole). 


CO 6, divide among 3 needles.  Mark beginning of round.

1) k all

2) *yf, k1* = 12 sts

3) k all

4) *yf, k2* = 18 sts

5) k all

6) *yf, k1* = 36 sts

7) k all

8) *yf, k9* = 40 sts

9,10) k all

11) *yf, k5* = 48 sts

12, 13) k all

14) *yf, k6* = 56 sts

15, 16) k all

check for fit – if it almost fits the top of the tp roll, continue with nori.  If it’s not quite there, continue, checking for fit and moving on to nori when you’ve reached the desired diameter:

17) *yf, k7* = 64 sts

18, 19) k all

20) *yf, k8* = 72 sts

21, 22) k all

23) *yf, k9* = 80 sts

24, 25) k all

26) *yf, k10* = 88 sts

27, 28) k all


switch to black yarn.  Knit one round, purl one round, then knit all following rounds until sides measure 4.5”/11.5cm or 1/2” shorter than desired length.  Work k1, p1 ribbing for 3 rounds and bind off.

Return to the beginning - using yarn needle, thread tail through first 6 sts and draw together to close the center. 

Weave in all ends.


using scrap yarns and blunt yarn needle, stitch in fillings as desired.  I marked off the inner 5 rounds and kept the fillings within that perimeter.  Recommended: acquire maki sushi for study purposes and then eat.


More knitting + sushi: super tasty sushi stitch markers from (other stitch marker charms include donuts and cupcakes!)

-use a bouclé yarn for the rice

-glue or sew on pieces of felt or other fabric instead of embroidering the fillings

- larger needles, like US 5 or 7, will save you some time and the results will still look good.

-if working on double pointed needles is not your idea of a good time, you can work the pattern back and forth in stockinette and then seam it up at the end.

- Nigiri Sushi Baby Wipe Cozy pattern, $3.50 for a .pdf download

Pattern by MK Carroll.  Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

[originally posted on, April 2005]