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Much mahalo to Franklin and Dolores of The Panopticon for permission to use Franklin's artwork and Dolores' image for our flyers
I think I may have missed the deadline made it just under the wire for the Official WWKIP Day webpage (drat this persistent upper respiratory infection), and I'll post everything here. 
Aloha Knitters welcomes and includes crocheters, and there has been talk of spinning as well.  Non-knitters are welcome, but we will have to draw the line at pets (no matter how much they love knitting - park policy takes precedence).  Light potluck of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks (I plan on bringing a 6-pack of soda and a bag of something crunchy), bring something to sit on, and don't forget the sunblock.  If you can walk, take the bus, or carpool, all the better - the park is always busy on the weekends, and there's a parade that finishes up at the park around noon.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment here or email me (link in the left sidebar, up top).
added 6/02:
Kapiolani Park: at 500 acres, I'd better give you a link to a map, which also gives you a link to a .pdf download, courtesy of the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society.  The archery range is on the Diamond Head end, going away from Waikiki. 
Thank you thank you thank you to the members of Aloha Knitters who have been getting flyers out to the yarn shops and posting about the event on their blogs.  Drat this respiratory infection again!
If I managed to get the info in on time, the Honolulu Weekly Calendar should have a listing this Wednesday (6/07). 
For the potluck, think:
* easy to carry
* does not require refrigeration, especially to prevent food poisoning
* easy to pack out or dispose of the debris
I'm planning to pack a 6-pack of soda into a small portable cooler with frozen gel pack and bring a bag of something like arare.  If you want to get fancier, go for it!  I just don't want anyone feeling pressured into doing something complicated.  All we need are little snacky things to keep our strength up and fluids to keep us cool and hydrated.