More Japanese Craft Book Fun

Posted on by MK Carroll

You have probably noticed by now that I have a special place in my heart for crafty projects with a domestic bent.  Occasionally I wonder if I take it too far...and then something like this happens: I walk into Hakubundo just to look around, and find these books.  It's an excuse to call amigurumi practical!  As with all the other Japanese craft books I've found, all the patterns are charted and have schematics - these combine the chart and schematic in a way that's just brilliant - very visual and intuitive.  Added bonus?  They didn't cost too much - about $8.00 US each at Hakubundo.  Hakubundo does mail order over the telephone and their staff is fluent in both English and Japanese.

Magic Scrubber Part 2
ISBN 4-8347-6402-8
Barcode 1: 9784834764024
Barcode 2: 1929476005007

back cover

turtle scrubbies (click on image for larger view)

whale scrubbies (click on image for larger view)

slipper scrubbies (click on image for larger view)

Hakubundo didn't have the full series, just Part 2 and Part 7.  I thought Part 2 was adorable, and then I picked up Part 7 and one of my back teeth fell out.

Magic Scrubber Part 7
ISBN 4-8347-6420-6
Barcode 1: 9784834764208
Barcode 2: 19294760040000

back cover

puppets or scrubbies?  (click on image for larger view)

Wildlife Scrubbers: elephant, giraffe, hippo, alligator
(click on image for larger view)

For more on Japanese craft books and links with information on the symbols used, etc., please check out my earlier post on Japanese Craft Books.