Yarn Shops: Maui

Posted on by MK Carroll

NOTE: As of January 2011, both shops in this post have closed. To the best of my knowledge, the only yarn retailers on Maui are craft stores and big box stores.

Lahaina, Maui

I would have paid more attention to details in the yarn shops and whatnot, but the main purpose of my trip was to spend time with Mrs. C and her growing family - I’m going to be one of those tiresome grownups always declaring “why, you were just a bitty little thing the last time I saw you” and “remember me?” even though the last time I saw the child was half her lifetime ago.  I also blame the “Rolls-Royce” cheeseburger I had at Mala.  Chopped Wagyu beef topped with bacon, cheese, and caramelized onions.  I stopped trying to eat it politely and just hauled into it.  Mr. C and I both had the cheeseburger and both wound up lying on the floor back at the house, stunned into silence.  I managed to rouse myself long enough to start crocheting a baby hat with the Plymouth Sockotta I’d purchased earlier in the day, which made Mr. C even sleepier.  Ah, the hypnotic powers of crochet.

If you are vacationing and would like to crochet a lei or two, both these shops will be able to help you with supplies, patterns, and tips.  In general, expect prices to be on the high side.  Prices on Maui are generally higher than on O’ahu, and O’ahu prices are higher than what you find on the continental US, primarily because just about everything has to be shipped or flown in (similar to Alaska).   Rent prices in areas of high traffic are quite breathtaking - and don’t get me started on the way the state will nickel and dime small businesses into the ground!  Those of us who live here know the prices are high.  It’s the cost of living in paradise - if the yarn prices raise an eyebrow, please check out the gas prices.  Yikes!

Yarn & Needlecraft
Lindsay Elam
222 Papalaua St (couple of blocks away from Front St, towards the mountains)
Lahaina (Maui), HI 96761
phone: (808) 661-1001
hours: M - S 10 am - 5 pm, Sun 10 am - 2 pm

Yarn and Needlecraft is in a small shopping complex about two blocks up from Front Street.  The shop is small, with a big selection of basic acrylic yarn, novelty yarns and ribbon for making crocheted leis.  I did find a little sock yarn, but that display was very small.  Basic tools - crochet hooks, knitting needles, notions - are on one wall.

The Needlework Shop
Dolphine David and Ruth Ann Wilson
505 Front Street #125
Lahaina (Maui), HI 96761
phone: (808) 662-8554
phone (toll-free) 866-688-8876

The Needlework Shop is in a little warren of shops on Front Street - it took us a minute to locate the shop (it’s the one with a big yellow and pink plumeria sign above the door).  True to the name, this shop is for needlecrafters of all persuasions, with cross-stitch, embroidery, knit, and crochet supplies available, including notions and patterns.  The shop is fairly small but easy to navigate, with a comfortable amount of space to move around in.  A table to sit and chat at is in the back.  The yarn selection is small, with a lot of high-end and novelty yarn on display (like some gorgeous Fiesta), great for making quick scarves and handbags.  There are supplies for making yarn lei as well.  Front Street is very touristy, so I wasn’t surprised to see yarns and projects geared towards the vacationing crafter.