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One of my sisters renewed my Interweave Knits subscription for my birthday, and IK gave her a free pattern.  She finally got around to showing it to me:

photo: Interweave Press, Chris Hartlove

The Orenburg-Style Scarf by Susan Sternlieb.  You can get the pattern as a free download from Interweave Knits (scroll down this page to Staff Scarves Fall 2004).

On Sunday I said NO.  I am working on saying NO more often to my siblings.  I said I would teach her to knit and she could knit her own scarf.
Her: "It's so pretty!  And it's PINK!" 
Me: I am NOT knitting that for you.
Her: "Pink!"
Me: You don't need a scarf.
Her: "Business trip in April!"
Me: ...[how does one explain to a muggle that I am NOT knitting her an Orenburg-Style Scarf in two weeks?]

On Monday, while purchasing yarn* for the Stitch Diva Goddess sweater, I may have had a wee yarn accident and somehow knocked 2 skeins of Elann Super Kydd yarn, color Pink Pearl, into my basket.  Probably while I was reaching for the last two balls of Diamond Desire (75% silk, 25% cashmere) in charcoal and antique silver gray.  Two skeins of Super Kydd is not enough for the Orenburg-Style Scarf!  I CANNOT and WILL NOT knit the Orenburg-Style Scarf! 

But I could totally knit Branching Out, or  Arches & Columns, or Maple Leaves Lace, or Leaf and Acorn Lace, or I could crochet something lacy and fluffy, or...


^ see?  see?  it's the same shade of pink, it's a laceweight mohair blend, and it's $4.48 for 259 yards, as compared to the Douceur et Soie
called for in the pattern, which is $11 for 225 yds.  On the other
hand, Super Kydd is mohair/nylon, and Douceur et Soie is baby

*8 balls of Elann Peruvian Highland Silk in 2117 Celadon - $32, not bad for a sweater!