Aloha Knitters 6/28/2007

Posted on by MK Carroll

We had a big-for-us turnout last night at Mocha Java (at least a dozen people), enough so that I felt like I hadn't gotten the chance to visit with everyone there.  Michelle and I were doing a mini-workshop in beginning crochet, which took up a fair chunk of the time as well.  I want to attend every meeting this summer, since I won't be able to attend the Thursday meetings at all once I start classes this fall. 


Last night was a mini-workshop in beginning crochet - my original student didn't show (he'd had a rough couple of days and was asleep by 7:30), but we had visitors who innocently thought that it might be fun to learn.  By the end of the meeting, it had been determined that crochet is harder than it looks, learning is not all fun, and that hooks and yarn must be forcibly removed from the hands of the student so that the student may do things like eat, drink, and walk to the car.


Can you tell a crafter was wielding the camera?  Why take pics of people when there is yarn around?

Opal had feared that she would not have enough yarn for her second sock, and she was using a discontinued yarn.  I gently prepared her for the possibility that she would have to introduce a "design feature" like a toe done in a different yarn.  Keohinani made the reasonable, logical suggestion that weighing the finished sock and the sock-in-progress with the remaining yarn would determine whether there was enough yarn left...but where is the fun of racing with the yarn in that?  There's a Lady Eleanor in progress that I really enjoy seeing in progress - the color changes are gorgeous!