Textiles and technology: Aloha Knitters at HNL MakerFaire

Posted on by MK Carroll

The Aloha Knitters (and Crocheters and Spinners) have been meeting up and hanging out all over O'ahu for several years now, and has been gaining more local recognition along the way. Yesterday on Bytemarks Cafe (a program on Hawaii Public Radio), the hosts spoke to Alan Solidum and Ross Mukai, who helped organize the first Mini MakerFaire in Honolulu. Aloha Knitters was there, giving free knit and crochet lessons, and when Alan and Russ weren't sure how the knitters had found them, I called in and talked up the overlaps between textiles and technology. A recording of the program is now available online as a podcast. 

Episode 291: Mini MakerFaire Honolulu